When I was choosing my wedding photographer, my priority was to see a complete wedding day from bridal prep all the way through to reception. An entire gallery was important for me to see how the photographer's style throughout the day. I wanted to ensure that they could handle ugly church lighting, awful outdoor high-noon lighting, and nasty purple reception lighting & lasers if the DJ decided to go nuts with 'mood lighting'.  I wanted to see it all and I wanted to see several different galleries. Whenever I make a purchase I do a lot of research and these were my criteria for finding the best wedding photographer for my day.

So when it came to my business I wanted to be able to show brides what I could do with their day. I don't show styled sessions and hire models and shoot on mountain tops because that's not your typical Boston wedding. I show real weddings with real brides & grooms. I show cramped homes with tea ceremonies, I show dark Hampton Inn prep rooms (though you can't tell with the images I produce), I show how I handle dark reception rooms with off-camera flash, I show outdoor ceremony spaces with non-ideal lighting conditions and shadows. I photograph paid clients 3-15 times a week in all conditions with all body types and personalities. I am one of the most in-demand photographers in Boston because I consistently deliver and I have repeat business because people love their experience with me. A photographer is so much more than a vendor on your day. They are someone you need to spend the whole day with. They are someone you have to trust to capture your special day. They manage your emotions, your timeline and your family members. In order to prove I can deliver consistently I need images to share with my social media followers and my website. The way I can do this is if I have a model release. I wish people would take my word that I can take a pretty photo, but I want you to do your research and I want to supply the data and tools for you to do that. I want to post every wedding and I do that because I want to share the variety of people I meet as well as prove that I'm delivering quality images with every wedding. This is part of how I build trust with my clients. The complimentary engagement session is another way. Being responsive with emails is yet another way. If you research the quality of work I provide, I am underpriced by at least the privacy fee.  I of course respect privacy and offer that option to couples as well if so desired.

why a model release