My style is timeless. As photography styles change with the seasons, I maintain a classic look by focusing on a clean edit that keeps skin tones true. Though styles of the minute look trendy and eyecatching, the one thing I have learned through hiring my own wedding photographer and looking back at my first wedding edit is that tastes change quickly. Don't we all recall selective colouring and sepia? How do we feel about those styles now? Even look back on your instagram page and see how your editing style has changed throughout the years. Keeping skintones clean and true is what keeps your photos from looking dated 5, 10, 80 years from now. My directing style includes both unscripted documentary style, but also coaching during portrait time to make you look your best. I keep things genuine and honest. You just have to be yourself.


I do not edit heavily. Photos will be adjusted for exposure and colour according to my style. Please see contract for details.

Photographer's choice of 10 portraits will be chosen to be edited in more detail if necessary

- acne smoothening
- Skin lines/wrinkle smoothing

style of retouching

retouching available at extra charge (not a complete list)

- Head swapping
- Background object removal
- Teeth & eye whitening
- Stray hair in face removal
- Bra strap removal 
- Undergarment smoothening
- Tan line removal
- Tattoo removal
- Body slimming

Please note that I do not complete these services and they will be outsourced.